Unindexed fields are not filtered in kibana

I have exceptionless running which captures logs from running application. Then it sends logs to elasticsearch. I'm able to see those in kibana on particular index.

My problem is - those logs which are custom made and those are pushed to exceptionless ,those fields are coming as unindexed fields in kibana index. And I'm not able to apply filter on unindexed fields.

I read that we need a logstash which input will be elasticsearch index and output will go to new index.
While performing this operation I'm getting pipeline terminated message while running logstash.

Do you have any idea how can I use those fields for filtering purpose?

How are the excepitonless logs getting put into Elasticsearch the first time? What do you mean by unindexed fields?

Look at the Elasticsearch mapping for the index populated by exceptionless. Update the mapping to index the fields desired for searching. Then refresh the index pattern in kibana

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