Unique counts wrong

I am trying to visualise, but want only uniques rows, latest ones. I am trying to use unique count, but it does only inside the bin, not accross the bins. Any help?

Yeah, I believe the unique count it provides is per bucket, so you need to modify how you define your buckets.

More information about your data and how you're trying to visualize it would help. It's hard to provide any advice if I don't know what you're working with and what you want to see.

I am trying to make a pie chart with two kind of status say true and false. I have ids which I am counting unique. So id 3 say was false and now changed to true. So I have two rows of id 3 in my data, with false and latest true. I want to count this entry only in true bucket and not in false. Any way that I can do this?

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