Unique dashboard to each user

I installed the elastic SIEM solution on my cloud and created multiple users , I want to get each user a personalized dashboard with specific componenets I mean if I had user X he can access and see only dashboard x and if I have user Y he can have access to only dashboard y and can not see the dashboard x,

can I do it and how ?

you could create one space for every user, then create one role for each user and asign each role to matching space.

Now each user can only access its own space. You can add personalized dashboards to spaces now.

I did that but it doesn't really do what I want, so for example I installed filebeat that push an index to elasticsearch, this index contain all kind of information, I do want for the X user to see just a specific part of the information from the index and for the Y user to see another part for example the filebeat index contain information about multiple networks IP 1 and IP 2 how can I get the user X to see just the iformation about IP 1 from the filebeat index in dashboard and user Y to see information about IP 2 from the filebeat index.

Thank you in advance.

unfortunately this kind of granularity is not possible. You can only set privileges on per index basis.

the solution would be to index different ips to different indexes.

Perhaps take a look at document level security


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