Unique Keys For Large Corpus Of Data

Can someone suggest me how to save large corpus of data pertaining to a single user at single index in elasticsearch, i.e. I want to save person wise data in elasticsearch. For example,
person_name1 :
{ "Aadhar card" : "value11",
"Pan Card" : "value12",
"DOB" : "value13"
person_name2 :
"Aadhar card" : "value21",
"Pan Card" : "value22",
"DOB"" : "value23"

What unique attribute can I use instead of person_name as a key, to store his/her details, since person_name can't be a unique identity. What if I want to update information for that particular person_name then how will I search on basis of that key?
Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Where is the data coming from? Have you considered adding a unique identifier to the source of the data?

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Yes, got your point. Thanks for giving insight. :wink:

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