Unixtimestamp not supported

Hi All,

Could you please help me out how to convert the unix timestamp into human readable .
As i was trying .The issue is still in kibana which supports 13 digits , but as per my client requirement the unix timestamp has 16 digits(i.e 1454371140016977) .Here i have taken date as String but if i take date as timestamp it is throwing error.

Any help would be great for me..


How are you sending this to ES?
What is the field mapped as?

Hi Warklom, thanks for the reply.

I am using Cassandra(NOSQL) as the database from there i am sending the date column into ES.
Timestamp as the datatype and dateofjoin is the fieldname.(I am using ES-river plugin).ES version is 1.4.5 & kibana is 4.1.1.

please update me.