Unknown encoding name error

I'm using Logstash 7.2

When i use logstash anything,
The error occurs like that...

Where can I find this error ?
And how can I fix it?

Hello @magician.kim

Seems to be an issue with your korean encoding, as far as I have seen searching a bit, jruby doesn't support that encoding jruby supported enconding list.

I have search a bit more and it may work changing your codepage in that terminal/cmd with chcp command

Please could you try the following?

chcp 65001
logstash-plugin list

65001 seems to be the codepage for UTF8 according to https://ss64.com/nt/chcp.html

I dont use korean enconding so I'm not able to reproduce the issue and help you better.

I hope this help :slight_smile:

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