Unknown error message while opening Monitoring

Upon opening Monitoring tab in Kibana, getting following error:-

Monitoring: Error 400 Bad Request: [parse_exception] Failed to derive xcontent

The error doesn't describe what went wrong and instead gives an error which isn't self explanatory. I am unsure what am i doing wrong which made me come across this error.


can you tell us which Elasticsearch version you are using, which kibana version and check kibana/elasticsearch logs for exceptions, include those here as well as maybe provide a screenshot where exactly this happens?


Hi @spinscale

Elasticsearch & Kibana version is 5.0.0.alpha 4.
Attaching Kibana & Elasticsearch logs {screenshot} showcasing the exception.

Kibana Logs

Elasticsearch Logs

Hi Gupta,

The "Failed to derive xcontent" is a generic error message indicating that Elasticsearch wasn't able to determine the format of a document or a query.

In your case, it might be related to a query restriction in your role definition.

Could you please provide the roles definitions for the user who has this error? Thanks


Really sorry for such a late reply.
Yes as you mentioned it's a generic error message.
Can we have a specific error message displayed instead of generic error message?

It will be more useful to the user to understand it easily.

I create a role as shown above and associated the role with a new user.
Upon opening Kibana and logging via the new user, I was unable to view any indices or information in either of Discover, Visualize or Dashboard Page. It was showing me a blank page.
For this I am seeing an error of Failed to derive x-content.

The error is not useful at all for an end-user to understand what wrong is he doing.

Elasticsearch log error as shown:-

Also, on Opening Monitoring Page getting following error:-

For the above, Kibana logs are shown as:-

I tried to reproduce based on your steps and I did not encounter such error messages.
I created a testing user and associated that user with a testing role as you shown above with access to all indices and clusters. Then I logged in as a testing user and I was able to see what was in discover using * index pattern and the monitoring tab contents.


I am also unable to reproduce it every time, but few times it occurs and provides a generic error.
If possible you can replace the generic error with specific errors for the same.