Unknown error on graphs when generating a report

I get the following when trying to generate reportes. We just upgraded to Kibana 4.6.1 and ELK 2.4.0 I s there some permissions that need to be added or something?

I've seen this error when Shield is enable in Elasticsearch, but the Shield UI plugin is not installed in Kibana? Is that the case in your deployment? If Shield is enabled, you will need the Shield UI plugin in the UI for reporting to work.

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We have shield installed on the kibana servers as well as the ELK servers. The reporting role is setup.

Every time I've seen this error it's been related to authentication somehow. Usually it's due to the Shield UI not being installed, or being disabled. If you are logging in to Kibana using the Shield login, that's not the problem.

This can also occur if you've changed your reporting.encryptionKey setting in between restarts of Kibana. I'm not sure what else would be causing this though. Are you using a proxy anywhere by chance?

Nope we don't use a proxy. We do login using the shield login. The encryption key hasn't been changed since upgrading and I tried restarting just to make sure. There's no errors in the logs. Not sure what it could be.

Where is the report coming from? Are you just clicking on the generation button in the UI, or is this being scripted via Watcher or curl or something?

just clicking on the generation button in the UI.