Unknown hosts in the Trial of Elastic Cloud

What is these hosts that ocasionally appears while on elastic trial? I've seen them a few times but still don't know what it means...


Exactly where / what context are you seeing that? What screen?
Can you provide a little more information please.

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Found it in the hosts tab in Security. They keep incrasing but I still don't know what they mean...

Most Likely You enable Logs and Metrics Collection back to this same cluster.

These are just the hosts / containers that your cluster is running on... this is Cloud so some underlying hosts are ephemeral.

SIEM automatically picks them up, typically the monitoring logs are sent to a separate monitoring cluster and would not show up here but since you are shipping them to the same source / destination they show up.

The SIEM app automatically reports any host that it see from a number of preset data sources so that is what you are seeing.

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