Unmapped field in document not appearing in filter drop down


I am new to Kibana dashboard . The issue I came across is that I want to create a dashboard for an unmapped field while that field is not mapped in index ( it doesn't appear in drop down for filters or in the fields for dashboard) but it is available in logged document appear on searching for that specific string "power-source: solar" ( where power source can have 4 different values i.e solar, wind etc but one value in a single document)
Can anyone please recommend how can I create dashboard for an unmapped field ?

Json Data format for doc is as follows:

"highlights": {
"message": [
"Power-source": "solar"


From above message only field mapped is:

field: message


What is unmapped field? Are you talking about enabled or index mapping parameters or data that does not exist in the elaticsearch document?

Hi Tom thanks for your response unmapped fields are the ones which do not appear in filters or dashboards as they are not indexed although they exist in data . In above case I believe any data inside the body is treated as text .

I think the data are indexed as far as they are existing in Elasticsearch cluster if you didn't use any parameters I said. One possibility is that the field type of not-appearing field is different from the types of the fields which appear in Dashboard. You can check the index mapping by stock management > index management.

If you don't understand what I said, Please see these.

Hi Tom,
Thanks for sharing links.
Yes outer field is indexed but nested data I believe is treated as text that seems to
require runtime field creation.

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