Unsetting index.routing.allocation.require._name setting

I am attempting to Shrink an index's primary shards down after the bulk import is complete.

Following the guide for preparing an index for shrinking I am unable to reset the settings after the shrink is complete.


Preparing Settings

PUT some-index/_settings
"settings": {
"number_of_replicas": replicas,
"index.routing.allocation.require._name": node_name,
"index.blocks.write": true

Then I wait for shard relocation to complete

GET _cluster/health/INDEX_NAME?wait_for_no_relocating_shards=true&timeout=#{timeout_in_sec}s"

Next I perform the shrink operation and wait until it is finished.

Then I start performing my cleanup operations including force merging the segments and resetting the shrink settings.

This is where I encounter the issue, After the new index exists and the document count is the same I attempt to reset the setting index.routing.allocation.require._name so the routing is restored on the bulk imported index.

I have tried setting the value of this attribute to *, empty string and nil without any luck.

Any help in the right direction would be great.


Hi Chris,
which version are you on?

We are running version 5.2.1

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