Reindexing shrunk index removes index's shrink settings


I'm playing around with the Elasticsearch Python API and now have my own reindex-, a shrink-script and other scripts. I now have a minor problem, that if I reindex a shrunk index, the shrink-settings disappear and so if I run the shrink-script again it will shrink the index to the minimum (ergo 1 shard or skip if it already has only 1 shard).
Trying to set the shrink-setting via the API's put_settings or via curl on an index does not work, it just throws an exception with: 'unknown setting [] please check that any required plugins ...'

Is there any option to set such 'shrink'-settings manually that I missed? How is the shrink-method setting this if it's not known?

Btw, it would be awesome if you could set comments and/or tags in index-templates and -settings :o)

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