Update an application in Kibana

I pushing several visualizations, dashboards, savedsearches and scripted fields using a python script. They altogether fulfill one big functionality, thus I refer them as an application.
Now what I want is to update the whole application.
For this, I have written another python script which deletes each and every object previously created and put the newer ones. This script takes a lot of time as there are several delete rest calls. Also if it fails before complete execution, there are tracing back and rolling back issues.
Thus is there a way in which I can delete these visualizations, dashboards, savedsearches and scripted at once(in other words, upgrade the application in a single go!).

What API are you using to delete and add saved objects?

The saved object API does not provide a way to delete and add saved objects in a single call.

You can create an enhancement request here https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new?template=Feature_request.md

I am using kibana's Delete Object API for deleting the objects and Create Object API for saving the object.

Thank You

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