Update_by_query with proceed does not return failure

HI all,

So I was reading a bit about the documentation for the api update_by_query.

From my understanding of the conflict, parameter.
You can have 2 behaviours

  1. Abort, that will stop at the first issue and report on the failures within a batch
  2. Proceed, if the issue is version conflict do not stop.

But none of those behaviour say the failures array is going to be empty.

When I am doing some tests (purposefully creating version errors).

  • Abort does fill the failures array with doc's info
  • Proceed does not.

I am not sure this is a bug / feature.

But my question is, how would you go with the following use case.

I need to update some documents and get version conflit from time to time. I would still like those documents updated. What is the best way to recover from those situations ?

  1. Using Abort means some docs that could have been updated where not and I don't know which one
  2. Using Proceed means some docs have not been updated, I don't know which ones.

What do you think ?

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