Update document in elasticsearch

Hi Team,

I have used logstash to parse the log file then using elasticsearch to save the index and kibana to visualize it.

My problem is that for a particular log file (Path) i am getting value of one filed only once and for rest of the rows, for same file(Path), i want to update that filed with the same value which i got in one of the record.

sample sql query:

update Path A set A.Filed = B.Filed
from Path A, Path B
where A.Path = B.Path and A.Filed = null.

Is it possible to update it in elasticsearch using kibana dev tool or how can i achieve this. Any sample query to handle such type of situation



Any suggestion for above scenario.
Can i update it in logstash using ruby filter

You cannot do this with a query, you would need to do it before you sent it to Elasticsearch for indexing.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Can I update it in logstash using Ruby filter.


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