Update Elasticsearch for newbie

Hello. Please tell me, if when updating the version of the elastic, it does not matter to me that the old index is saved - can I just delete the old version and install the new one?

What OS are you on and how did you install it - a deb/rpm/windows installer, or a zip?

  1. Debian GNU/Linux 7
  2. I do not know exactly, most likely zip. Can I somehow find out for sure?

Try dpkg -l|grep -i elasticsearch.

ii elasticsearch 1.0.1 all Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

Wow, that's super old! In this case you can't just do an apt-get upgrade, as 1.X isn't compatible with any of the latest versions.

Ideally, you would create a new 6.X cluster and then run a reindex from the old cluster to the new one./

Thank you, I'll do it

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