Update index patterns automatically - programatically?

A few years ago, this question was asked and at the time it was suggested an API might be forthcoming. Has that happened? If not, what is the normal flow for a pipeline that does not have a fixed set of fields?


An index pattern is a saved object today. So you Change / update them by uploading and overriding existing index pattern using the saved objects API.

Hi Felix,

Ah, I think the original poster and myself mean the specific form of update Kibana performs when the below button is clicked, rather than simply altering what's in that saved object:



Ahh okay, in this case you only need to update to the latest version.
The need for the refresh list button is now obsolete.

That's great news. Could you let us know which version it was removed in?


I think it was back in 7.11

Awesome, thank you.

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