Update _meta using NEST

I'm using the _meta field to store information about my index. When I initialize the index, I'm able to add the meta-data using the following NEST syntax:

await Client.CreateIndexAsync(plugin.IndexName, (index) => index
    .Mappings(ms => ms
        .Map<IndexedObject>(m => m.AutoMap()
        .Meta(d => d.Add("foo", "bar"))

The mapping is correctly saved as indicated by performing a GET /myindex/_mapping:

"myindex": {
    "mappings": {
      "indexedobject": {
        "_meta": {
          "foo": "bar"

Once the index is created and populated, I need a way to update the the _meta tag. Using kibana, I can execute the following statement and the index is correctly updated:

POST /npairindex/_mapping/indexedobject
  "_meta": {
    "foo": "bar2"

How do I perform the previous statement using NEST? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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