Update settings on cluster level

Hi all,

I'm interested in how Elasticsearch handles Cluster level settings that can be potentially configured differently across different nodes. E.g. discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes can be set to value 5 on one node (in elasticsearch.yml ) and to value 10 to another, how is master going to be elected if nodes don't use the same rule?

Also, some of the cluster level settings can be set via API, which overrides values set in elasticsearch.yml - is there a way to see or fetch all currently valid setting? It's kinda annoying every time to both look at .yml file and then fetch cluster settings via API, not to mention that some elasticsearch.yml settings are valid only after restart.

Regarding your second point, take a look at https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/issues/10713

I'm not sure how it handles different values for the same setting, maybe one of the devs can comment.