Updating "discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes": new value ignored?

Hello. I was expecting changing "discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes" value
will take effect immediately upon request submission (using
http://host:9200/_cluster/settings call) but it doesn't seem to work work
in such a way.

Elasticsearch Version 0.90.2
Cluster setting:
4 nodes (all master-eligible)


  1. Start all nodes with discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes = 3 in
  2. Execute curl -X PUT http://node1:9200/_cluster/settings -d '{
    "transient" : { "discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes" : 2 } }' and validate
    that change in response that value was set.
  3. Execute curl -X PUT http://node2:9200/_cluster/settings -d '{
    "transient" : { "discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes" : 2 } }' and validate
    that change in response that value was set.
  4. Observe the update request accepted by node1 and node2 in
    (as: [discovery.zen] [node1] updating discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes
    from [3] to [2])
  5. Shutdown node3 and node4 (leaving node1 and node2 up).

I was expecting that given node1 and node2 now have minimum_master_nodes
set to 2 BEFORE node3 and node4 were shutdown, node1 and node2 will
continue to operate by electing either node1 or node2 as the new master.
However, what I see in the log file is "not enough master nodes after
master left (reason = shut_down), current_nodes: {[node1]...,[node2]...,,}".

Am I misunderstanding how this supposed to work? Using "persistent" or
"transient" make no difference...
Your assistance/feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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