Update to stopwords not reflected in Tag Cloud

My index uses a stop words file as part of its analyzer:

"analysis": {
	"filter": {
		"stopwords_filter": {
			"ignore_case": "true",
			"type": "stop",
			"stopwords_path": "en_complete.txt"
	"analyzer": {
		"custom_stopwords": {
			"filter": [
			"tokenizer": "standard"

If I want to update the en_complete.txt file to include the word "apple" then after the update I have to close and open my index. After that, searching for a stop word e.g. subtitle_text_stop : "apple" will not return any results in the Discover section of Kibana.

However a previously created Tag Cloud still shows the word "apple". To update the Tag Cloud I have to delete and recreate the index.

Is this normal behaviour or am I doing something wrong?

Hello @ADarkDividedGem,

Welcome to the community!

Which version are you using?

If it's prior to 7.11, you need to click on (Management > Index patterns), select the index pattern you are using for this visualization, and then press the "Refresh" button at the top of the window in order to update with the changes.

After 7.11, Kibana does the refresh automatically for you.

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