Updating Courier to return two query results


I am attempting to create a dashboard that has two types of filters: The first being the filters that Kibana already provides. The second being a comparison filter that is additive to the existing filter. I imagine the best way to do this is to add another flag onto the existing filters as part of their meta data. From there, extend the courier to create two queries and then pass that through to the visualizations.

I'm having a tough time figuring out how to extend the courier to create and pass along these two queries.
Is there an obvious place in the code to do this?

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Can you just create a filter through the "Add a filter" dialog and use the "Edit Query DSL" instead?


Thanks for your response @lukas. Unfortunately, my need is for two separate queries to occur(I think). I don't believe I was very clear in my original post. so I'll try to explain again. What I am looking to do is to have the normal filters run. Then another set of filters that is that original set of filters plus refinement filters. The end goal is to be able to compare a subset of the data to the set of the data that would have been returned with the original filters.

Example Below:

Original Filters: gender: M | Location: Texas
Refinement Filters: income: > 100000

Custom Visualizations: Compares those matching all three filters against those only matching the original filters.

I understand that this exact example could be handled at the time of visualization creation, but I would like the dashboard users to be able to accomplish this simply with filters that effect all of the visualizations.

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Which version of Kibana are you using? It sounds like input controls may provide you with what you need. You can create an input control through the create visualization process (it's near the bottom).


@lukas Correct me if I'm wrong here but Input Controls is just a nice way of interacting with the existing filters and will not allow for the comparison between two filter sets. I am currently working with 6.2, but would be happy to switch versions if needed.

Again what I am trying to accomplish is setting a baseline through filters, then using another set of filters to refine from that baseline. Allowing me to compare Baseline and Refinement.

I had originally thought the answer would be to extend the courier request handler but couldn't find a way to tie in a second slightly altered request.

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