Updating documents within a Hot-Warm-Cold Index Management Lifecycle


I have set up an index lifecycle policy with rollover enable either for a max index size of 50gb or 30 days. The indices will move to a warm phase on rollover and to a cold phase after 90 days.

Phase description:

hot : The index is actively being written to
warm: The index is generally not being written to, but is still queried
cold: The index is no longer being updated and is seldom queried. The information still needs to be searchable, but it’s okay if those queries are slower.

From time to time, I need to modify documents contained in warm or cold phase. I was wondering how to properly update (maybe delete) a document contained in these rollover indices programmatically (in c#/.net core and python)?

Maybe my deployment architecture should be in question here as well?

Thanks for any help,