Updating ES from 2.1.2 to 2.2 if running in Docker Containers

Hello All,

I am wondering about the process for updating ES if ES + Logstash + Kibana are all running in containers? I know with the standard upgrade steps, you have to do the following ::

  1. Disable shard reallocation
  2. Shutdown the instance (how would this play out if running in a container? Would I stop the container?)
  3. Install the new ES (how would this work if in a container?)
  4. Enable shard reallocation
  5. Wait for node to go green
  6. Move to next node

Are these the right steps? Could someone please provide some input as to how this would be done if using containers?

Thank you!

Why not just roll out new containers with the updated version, into the same cluster, then move the data over and remove the old ones?

Did that, worked great, thanks

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