Upgrade Single Node Docker Instance

I am trying to upgrade a single node docker instance from 8.6.0 to the latest version.

My first try was to update the docker containers to the latest version and start them on the old data. Kibana upgraded well and complained that it is not able to connect to the old 8.6.0 elasticsearch container.

I then downgraded all containers to 8.6.2 and hoped that elasticsearch will automatically upgrade to that version - but it doesn't :frowning:

Currently I have no idea how I can get my elasticsearch to upgrade to the next version - any ideas would be really wellcome!

Probalby important to notice - elasticsearch as well as kibana running in "healthy" state.

This is the correct approach to upgrade docker containers.

This means that your version of Kibana was different from Elasticsearch, Kibana needs to be the same version as the Elasticsearch nodes.

Elasticsearch does not support downgrade, but it is not clear what is your issue here, did you upgrade your elasticsearch containers and then kibana?

I found the stupid issue.

In my compose file I persisted the whole ${ELASTIC_DIR} and not just the /data folder in it. Hence, I can base my docker container on any new image - it just stays at the initial deployed version.

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