Kibana upgrade from 7.16.1 to 7.17.8 using docker compose

What is the procedure to perform kibana upgrade with zero downtime.

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You will incur downtime as the container needs to restart and Kibana may need to run upgrade steps. There's no way around that.

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is the process just docker-compose down and changing version tag and docker-compose up? or is
there any alternative ??

Yes that will work for Kibana.

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Can we perform a rolling upgrade to the elasticsearch from 7.17 to 8.X without data loss? we don't have the space to take the snapshots.

Yes you can.

If i upgrade my Elastic Search Cluster from 7.17.9 to 8.6.2 by Rolling Upgrade, But kibana will be running on 7.17.6, Then am i able to check the cluster status,health and shards from kibana ?? or KIbana should also compatible with Elasticsearch, as i am following the procedure for upgrade like Disable shard Allocation and Re-enable shard Allocation, i am doing from Kibana, if my kibana is down with ES 8.6.2 node, then i cant run other steps and also if i have to check Shards, Nodes, my kibana should also have 8.6.2 version ???

Q2: As im having Imp data, is it possible to upgrade 7.17.9 to 8.6.2 using Rolling Upgrade ?

You will need to upgrade Kibana, yes. See Support Matrix | Elastic.

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