Updating existing documents with a new field

Hello all, we're ingesting Windows event logs via Logstash and to get specific field data from an application log I've got the following filter in Logstash:

if [log_name] == "CISAccess" {
   grok {
      match => { "message" => "Usr=>%{DATA:User}#.*\sStn=>%{DATA:Workstation}#.*"}

Can somebody tell me how I can apply this to existing documents? - would I need to use a painless script or do I need to change the Logstash output to action => update and if so how do I keep ingesting new documents if I do that?


@kernelpanic I think you have two options:

  1. build an ingest pipeline with the same grok logic inside of a grok processor and run an _update_by_query which passes data through that pipeline like
    PUT _ingest/pipeline/my-grok-pipeline
      "description" : "pulls more stuff from the message",
      "processors" : [ {
         "grok": {
            "field": "message",
            "patterns": ["Usr=>%{DATA:User}#.*\sStn=>%{DATA:Workstation}#.*"]
    POST my-index/_update_by_query?pipeline=my-grok-pipeline
       "query": { "term": { "log_name": "CISAccess" } }  
  2. Do the _update_by_query with a Painless script, requiring you to figure out how to map that grok logic to Java-style regex/Patterns

Excellent, thankyou for getting back to me Mike.

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