Updating index through postgres

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I'm using elasticsearch 2.4 with postgres DB as data source. I'm indexing data into elasticsearch through a view in my postgres DB. When a new record added into DB, its getting indexed properly and I'm able to search that in elasticsearch. But if I change any value in the existing record, its getting indexed again as a new document instead of updating the old one.So its being duplicated when search for the same.
What will be the solution for this.?Can anyone help me out.?

(Markus) #2

If you use the postgres row id (you have a primary key?) as the ES _id, you shouldn't see duplicates.

(Hari Krishnan) #3

Thank you..But how can I add it into '_id'.I never tried this before. Thanks in Advance

(Markus) #4

Please see https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/mapping-id-field.html .

You are being sparse how you really index the data so without more information about your actual setup I'm unable to further assist.

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Thanks a lot..:slight_smile:

(Hari Krishnan) #6

Have tried to add my primary key in '_id' but its not working. When I searched regarding this I got like _id is no longer configurable since elasticsearch 2.0.
So what can I do now.:confused:

(Markus) #7

_id is exactly what I'm using in my code. Did you try to provide it explicit in your mapping? I don't think you need to do so. Just index the field _id and it should be fine (depending on how you actually do this, see below).

You still failed to disclose any further helpful information. Even when you say "I searched... I got like" you fail to provide the reference (though I don't think you want "configurable id" anyway to your solution?).

Please, if you want to be helped: provide references, explain your approach in more detail, show maybe pseudo-code or indices or mapping or anything so people can stop making guesswork for you.

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