Updating old logs after changing logstash importation

Hi all and thanks for your help,
I recently needed to change my logstash config to import my logs into elasticsearch with a new field name.
I'm reading those logs from a csv file, and in the filter config section I have the header defines with all my field names. Recently, I changed this header for having a new field name let's say from 'A' to 'B'
My problem now is all my logs indexed until this update have the field A=number-user and my new logs (after this update) have the field B=number-user.
When I want to create a dashboard for example I don't have all the information I want because not all of my logs are based on the same field name.
I found a lot of different solutions on the web but I can't create a new index with the reindex API, for me the alias solution is not working in my case, etc ...
Thanks for your help !

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