Updating roles

I'm trying to create some roles to define specific access to Kibana and its features, but I have the following issue:
When I add a role, I check how it's working then I need to adjust it to the achieve my goal. But I get this message:
"transient_metadata" is not allowed
and can't modify it. I also tried to add a 'Role' via the 'Dev Tools' panel and adding this property, but the result was same.

Also, I didn't find a clear document how can I restrict/allow access to Kibana for other users. I read the docs on /guide, but those didn't help out my case.

What versions of Kibana/ES/X-Pack are you using?

Fortunately, updating all versions to the latest solved the issue.

I'd like to move to the next part :slight_smile:

So, I'd like to create a role which can "read" only 'myindex*':

  • browse in "Discovery"
  • load saved visualizations (can modify the search bar)
  • same with dashboards
  • monitoring the cluster

And nothing else (at least now).

You are going to need to add kibana_user as a permission in order for him to use Kibana, but maybe creating a role shadowing this one, only with read permissions on the .kibana index and "myindex*". I

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