Updating the geoLite2 Database

I have configured the geoLite2 Database in logstash.

geoip {
default_database_type => 'City'
database => '/usr/share/logstash/GeoLite2-City/GeoLite2-City.mmdb'
source => "src"
target => "src_geoip"

Is there a way to update this Database automatically?
If so, I need your help please.

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You could schedule a job to copy an updated database from the GeoLite web site, but the last time I looked (a couple of years ago) the GeoLite library code did not support reloading the database when it changed, so logstash would have to be restarted to see the new database.

If I understood correctly, I have to download the database on the site and then put it in logstash?
And then restart logstash.


@Falikou1 @Badger BTW I understand in the not too distant future elasticsearch itself will start automatically updating the geoLite2 Database. Stay Tuned. When that is the case I would create a ingest pipeline and use that.

Thank you Badger

I will be happy to be informed.
thank you in advance

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