Updating the kibana.yml to increate max size of CSV export

this might be a silly question, but if i am running the cloud instance of Kibana, where can i access the Kibana.yml from to adjust the limit on the max size when exporting to csv?

the video tutorials show how to do it when you know on which machine kibana has been installed, but when it is not installed locally, how can i adjust the max file size?

similar discussion here.

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It depends on how Kibana is installed on your server. In case you aren't using a package manager but instead downloading and unpacking the tar.gz distribution, the file is located in config/kibana.yml.

thanks, I found with the cloud deployment the kibana.yml settings can be edited from the deployments page.

thanks for your reply

Ah, sorry, I missed the "cloud" in your original post. Glad you found it!

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