Upgrade 2.x

After upgrading from 1.7.1 to 2.4.1 Elasticsearch is starting but port 9200 is down I am seeing lots of messages like these in the logs. Any idea what is going on?
[2016-11-03 16:42:47,449][INFO ][common.util ] [myindex-2016.11.01][3] syncing [_20d6_Lucene410_0.dvm]
[2016-11-03 16:42:47,452][INFO ][common.util ] [myindex-2016.11.01][3] syncing [_20d6.fdx]
[2016-11-03 16:42:47,459][INFO ][common.util ] [myindex-2016.11.01][3] syncing [_20d6_Lucene41_0.tip]
[2016-11-03 16:42:47,535][INFO ][common.util ] [myindex-2016.11.01][3] syncing [_2iaa.fdx]
[2016-11-03 16:42:47,538][INFO ][common.util ] [myindex-2016.11.01][3] syncing [_2iaa_Lucene41_0.tip]
[2016-11-03 16:42:47,553][INFO ][common.util ] [myindex-2016.11.01][3] syncing directory [/var/data/elasticsearch2/Media/nodes/0/indices/myindex-2016.11.01/3/index]
[2016-11-03 16:42:47,553][INFO ][common.util ] [myindex-2016.11.01][3] upgrading [translog] from [/var/data/elasticsearch/Media/nodes/0/indices/myindex-2016.11.01/3/translog] to [/var/data/elasticsearch2/Media/nodes/0/indices/myindex-2016.11.01/3/translog]
[2016-11-03 16:42:47,553][INFO ][common.util ] [myindex-2016.11.01][3] wipe upgraded directories
[2016-11-03 16:42:47,553][INFO ][common.util ] [myindex-2016.11.01][3] wipe shard directories: [/var/data/elasticsearch/Media/nodes/0/indices/myindex-2016.11.01/3]

That seems unlikely. What does the rest of your log look like?

Hi we are seeing the same scenario @genesis. The data only nodes are performing some kind of syncing and the cluster is staying in red status for a long time. This is causing a very long downtime due to the upgrade