Upgrade elasticsearch

after upgrading elasticsearch binaries from 1.7.x to 2.x, elasticsearch takes very long (~20h) get back online.
From the log it looks like data is moved around ?
Only seen this issue when elasticsearch is configured with multiple data path. Can someone explain what elasticsearch is doing? Is there a way avoiding this or speed up this process?

[2020-09-12 00:16:30,967][INFO ][common.util ] [167679467122275144_-1833138985_201608_031-2][3] upgrading multi data dir to G:\ESDATA\esclusterdev\nodes\0\indices\167679467122275144_-1833138985_201608_031-2\3
[2020-09-12 00:16:30,967][INFO ][common.util ] [167679467122275144_-1833138985_201608_031-2][3] loaded shard state version [18], primary [true]
[2020-09-12 00:16:30,983][INFO ][common.util ] [167679467122275144_-1833138985_201608_031-2][3] upgrading [index] from [F:\ESDATA\esclusterdev\nodes\0\indices\167679467122275144_-1833138985_201608_031-2\3\index] to [G:\ESDATA\esclusterdev\nodes\0\indices\167679467122275144_-1833138985_201608_031-2\3\index]
[2020-09-12 00:16:30,983][INFO ][common.util ] [167679467122275144_-1833138985_201608_031-2][3] move file [segments.gen] size: [36]
[2020-09-12 00:16:30,999][INFO ][common.util ] [167679467122275144_-1833138985_201608_031-2][3] move file [segments_w] size: [1857]
[2020-09-12 00:16:31,014][INFO ][common.util ] [167679467122275144_-1833138985_201608_031-2][3] move file [_1a.cfe] size: [350]
[2020-09-12 00:16:31,014][INFO ][common.util ] [1676794671

thanks in advance


Do you mean that recovery after a node/cluster restart takes this long?
How many nodes and shards are you looking at? What size of data?

Also 2.X has been EOL for quite some time now, you should upgrade as a matter of urgency.

Yes, exactly after the restart. Two data nodes one master, 680 shards and total 3.5TB. Yeah, this cluster is bit behind on versions and upgrade is in progress.

Older versions of Elasticsearch did take quite some time to recover. Upgrading is your best option.

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