Upgrade from 7.9.0 to 7.9.3

Hi all,

I have issue when I'm trying to upgrde from 7.9.0 to 7.9.3, the elasticsearch can't start.
After several minutes to investigate, I think it related to the jvm.options, because I have several times upgrading elasticsearch and it cause by jvm.options.
I saw there new jvm.options.rpmnew, then I check my current jvm.options and save it to other name, then I copied the jvm.options.rpmnew to jvm.options, then modified as necessary to my environment.

Then elasticsearch started.

Please inform the diff in the new jvm.options, so I can direct find the diff between version.
This condition not mention in the:

Fadjar Tandabawana

You can download the relevant packages here. Unpack the 7.9.0 RPM and the 7.9.3 RPM without installing them and compare the files you'd like with diff -bu file1 file2. What do you need help with specifically?

EDIT: Did you make any changes to the 7.9.3 options that you didn't make to the 7.9.0 options? We don't usually recommend touching these files unless you have particular use cases.

I didn't make any changes of the importance part of the jvm.options in the 7.9.3, just xmx and xms to adjust with my environment.
Since I copy the jvm.options.rpmnew to jvm.options and make adjustment, the elasticsearch stated normally. No advanced modification.

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