Upgrade of elastic, name of indices and data streams

Hi, we have installed version 7.5 of the stack and we want to upgrade to the latest version, but our custom indexes are already called: metrics-<name-of-the-data> example : metrics-interfaces .

what problems could arise, and how to manage them? because data streams have the prefix "metrics" in the newer versions.

so what will happen with dashboards? and after the instalation, when indexing new data from those old indexes, will be stored like data streams?

7.5 is EOL and no longer supported, please upgrade.

Are you asking this because you are going to upgrading?

yes Mark, as it says in the body of the question, we want to upgrade , these answers dont help much.

I am sorry, but you're running a version that was released over 2 years ago and reached EOL over 6 months ago.

That means that this forum will no longer accept more questions about versions that reach EOL? and the answer will always be you have to upgrade?

if that is true, you can use a bot for that, no need to waste your time brother.

I would say that it is mostly safe to upgrade, the metrics-* data streams seems to be used with the integrations from fleets or elastic agent that would load the custom templates, but since this kind of naming is now used by elastic, some things can break.

I think that the best way to be really sure is to test it on a non-production environment, to replicate your current version and the upgrade process.

From the documentation, the built-in templates are only applied when you use some integration with the elastic agent/fleet, and they use the pattern metrics-*-*, if you just have metrics-* as your naming pattern, so your index would not match those templates.

And since metrics-* is now used by elastic, I would changing the prefix name of new index.

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Thanks Leandro for taking time to read the question, I will follow your suggestions, and thanks for "helping users achieve awesome things with the Elastic Stack" :sweat_smile: :point_up_2:

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