Upgrade path from v 6.8.14 to current 7.11.x


My organization is currently running the elastic stack v6.8.14 and will be upgrading to current 7.11.x in the near future. We are running this on kubernetes and have two clusters - prod and nonprod.

Our nonprod cluster is 9 nodes and about 10.6 TB. The prod cluster is smaller at 6 nodes and 5.5TB.

What I need to know is the best upgrade path to 7.11.x. Is it via ECK 1.4? Or should I continue with standalone images of ES, LS, Kibana, and Filebeats? Are there any resources anyone has on exactly HOW to do this upgrade? I know there are breaking changes between ES 6.8.x and 7.x .

If ECK is the right option, is there a best practice or how to on how to move from standalone apps to the ECK operator?

Finally, ELK management has proven challenging for our team. As yet there is only 1 person who configures and maintains the ELK clusters and he has no backup :(. Would moving to a SaaS type offering here be feasible? 5.5 TB seems cost prohibitive. We have a relationship with MS Azure. I doubt we'd put non-prod into Azure as well, but hey you never know. Management makes crazy decisions.


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