Upgrading from 7.11.1 to 7.17 with only one node in the Cluster

Hi everyone,

I have an Elastic search in prod, hosting on GCP. The present version of the Elastic search is 7.11.1 and its in yellow (EOL) in the dashboard.I want to upgrade it to the 7.17.12. And then to the 8.x

I have the following questions listed below.

  1. I have seen lots of documentations and video tutorials on how I can upgrade. My question is can I upgrade directly from the Web portal's upgrade option? Or should I ssh into the VM and do it manually (because all the documentation says I need to follow ssh path).

  2. My cluster has only one node. So, what I've understood from the documentation, if I choose ssh path, I need to stop one node, upgrade it and start again. But since I only have one node, will there be any downtime if I select the Web portal's upgrade option?

Please let me know if I need to follow some procedures.


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