Upgraded to 0.90.3. ES doesn't find my indices

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I just upgraded from 0.20.x to 0.90.3 and when I restarted ES all of my
indices are reported as missing (404).

The log shows that the indices were found during startup:

[2013-11-28 15:54:45,430][DEBUG][index.gateway ] [Aftershock]
[sb_posts_2013_11_21][0] starting recovery from local ...

[2013-11-28 15:54:45,447][DEBUG][index.gateway ] [Aftershock]
[sb_posts_2013_11_21][0] recovery completed from [local], took [17ms]

But they don't show up in stats:

curl 'http://localhost:9200/_stats'


My elasticsearch.yml file sets the data path:

path.data: /data/elasticsearch

But if I create a new index, it gets created under ES_HOME/data as though
path.data is not set.

Any hints for where I can look to figure out why my indexes are not being

Thanks in advance.


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