Upgraded to 6.0.0 - Elasticsearch plugin is red

I just updated to 6.0.0 from 5.6.3 and now my Elasticsearch plugin is red.
plugin:elasticsearch@6.0.0  Your Kibana index is out of date, reset it or use the X-Pack upgrade assistant.

I have searched for resetting kibana index and x-pack upgrade assistant but have not found any posts or documentation on how to do so. Can anyone help?

Kibana index is an index in ES for Kibana settings.

I don't know how to refresh the whole index. But you can refresh parts of it for each index inside your ES exept Kibanas index.
To do so, go to Management -> Index Patterns. Here you have on your right a refresh sign. Do this for each index.

Or you can also delete Kibanas uuid in data folder, but than all the settings wil be gone.

Hope this helps.

When xpack is running on your 5.6 version, you have in Kibana the upgrade assistant tool.
You need to run it then upgrade if possible.

If you're already on 6.0, and didn't use the upgrade UI to re-index the .kibana index, you'll need to follow the instructions here:


You can use the "copy to curl" under each request to get the cut-paste commands that will work on the command line.

Thanks for the instructions. I could'nt get it to work even after following the steps so I ended up removing elastic and doing a fresh install instead.

I've met the same problem and after I delete previous .kibana index then it works.


curl -XDELETE http://youreshost:9200/.kibana
service kibana restart

I'm not using x-Pack but I followed the upgrading steps and it worked fine.

You should not forget to reindex kibana index. This is a must.

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