Upgrading 7.17 to 8.7 query search query not working

What will be the new query this I was using in old version for search:

    const { body } = await Client.search({
      index: this.tableName,
      body: {
        sort: sortingData,
        from: skip,
        size: limit,
        query: {
          bool: {
            must: mustData,

Hi @ak01,

Welcome to the community! Which language client are you using?

@carly.richmond I'm using Node.js.

Thanks for confirming. Do you have a particular error that is coming back with this code?

It's difficult to say what is wrong with your code without knowing either the error you are getting or the type of parameters sortingData, skip, limit and mustData , but you can check against the _search API documentation. But all parameters in the body of the request have been supported for some time, and the overall structure matches the example in the documentation.

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