Upgrading component template logs-settings failed after update to 8.9

After updating elasticsearch cloud service from version 8.6 to 8.9.0 I want to share the following issue, that's showing up in logs every 30 minutes:

[instance-0000000005] upgrading component template [logs-settings] for [stack] from version [2] to version [3]
[instance-0000000005] error adding index template [logs-settings] for [stack] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: updating component template [logs-settings] results in invalid composable template [logs-crawler-default] after templates are merged at [...]

templates weren't tampered with

Any insight on the right way to fix it, I wasn't able to find an updated template version, perhaps I could update manually.

Some engineer pointed out that it's related to the Enterprise Search

If so, we don't use it at all and it was deleted from our deployment

Unused deployment configurations have been disabled automatically.

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