Upgrading ES from 1.7.1 (from Amazon AWS) to ES Cloud

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Hi all!

I'm planning to migrate an app that uses an ES 1.7.1 form an Amazon AWS to the latest version in ES Cloud. This app uses the Groovy client.

I've read that now is availabe a new high level REST API client to use with version 6. Moreover, I've had a look to this guide to migrate the TransportClient to the high level REST Client.

So I think that this steps are needed:

  • Remove the Groovy client dependency.
  • Add the REST Client dependency and refactor whatever is necessary.
  • Try this with a local ES 6 version.
  • Finally, try the app against ES Cloud.

Do you consider that these are the right steps to do that? If not, what could be the best actions to do?

Thank you very much.


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