Upgrading from Shield to X-Pack, FilterClient and authentication headers

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Hi X-Pack Security users,

In Shield 2.4 I have a setup whereby my Client authenticates as a transport_client user, and the Authorization header is added to each request using a FilterClient.

I would like to carry this approach over to X-Pack, however the ActionRequest class no longer has a putHeader method. The documentation at https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/x-pack/current/java-clients.html claims that you can putHeader when the requests are built, but this method does not seem to exist.

I appreciate any help you can offer.
Best, Dan.

(Jay Modi) #2

Hey Dan,

Sorry about that documentation error; we'll get that corrected. The way to do this in x-pack is:

PreBuiltXPackTransportClient = new PreBuiltXPackTransportClient(Settings.builder()....build());
String token = basicAuthHeaderValue("test_user", new SecuredString("changeme".toCharArray()));
SearchResponse response = client.filterWithHeader(Collections.singletonMap("Authorization", token)).prepareSearch().get();


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Thanks. Your swift responses make up for any inaccuracies in the documentation. Thanks for your efforts!
Best, Dan.

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