Upgrading vega-lite v3 (or plus) to use fold, flatten, and other functions

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I'm working with Elasticsearch, and for the moment and making a scatterplot plot by using the vega visualizations. The point is that after checking with the veta editor, I realised that the version of vega-lite with the last version of kibana is the v2.6.0, in which the command flatten or fold is seemed to be not available. How could i upgrade the version of my vega-lite to work with kibana?? I'm going to be extremely grateful if you can help me, or if you can suggest to me a different soluction to my problem.

I have data in elasticsearch following this structure:

TimeStamp max full consumed
2020-03-14 512 56 200
2020-03-15 512 120 300
2020-03-16 512 40 100
2020-03-16 512 45 200
2020-03-17 512 180 300

I'm searching to have a result to create a scatterplot with colors (with multiple lines in the same graph withou the use of layer) for the values of max, full, and consumed by having an output like this.

TimeStamp value key
2020-03-14 512 1
2020-03-14 16 2
2020-03-14 200 3
2020-03-15 512 1
2020-03-15 120 2
2020-03-15 300 3
2020-03-16 512 1
2020-03-16 40 2
2020-03-16 100 3
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .

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I've been working on upgrading both vega and vega-lite in Kibana. At this point, the thing that holds us back is that vega 5 supports IE11 with a backwards-compatible build, but vega-lite 3-4 don't support this.

If you don't care about IE11 support and are willing to make changes to Kibana, the change I am working on (linked about) would be a good starting point for you. I was able to upgrade both vega and vega-lite for use in modern browsers, but that's not something we are going to be able to commit to Kibana itself for a while.

Thank so much, so if I understand there is a way to be able to visualize the plots and make the transformations with fold, and flatten ?. Would you mind to explain me a brief explanation about how could I do the process you mention.


Juan David Briceno

You would need to modify the Kibana source in a similar way to what I've done in the PR that I linked above, including installing the new dependencies. There are some generic setup instructions here: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

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