How will Vega/Vega-Lite updates be handled?

There's an issue with Vega-Lite (not sure about Vega yet) which is preventing me from using the Kibana Vega visualization for my desired use case (Visual Builder is not advanced enough to represent the query). (There's a separate issue with elasticsearch also preventing my desired use case, but I have my fingers crossed someone will respond with a workaround). Also, there's a separate repo for this now integrated plugin.

This issue (the first one) will be resolved in an upcoming release of Vega-Lite. What is the process whereby I will be able to make use of the updated Vega-Lite library? New version of the plugin repo and then a subsequent version of Kibana?...or is there some other way to handle these updates?

Thanks in advance.

cc @nyuriks He would be able to provide more insight into this.

@LucidObscurity hi, thx for reporting the bug to VL team. You can work around it by doing it Vega. In the standard Vega editor, there is a hidden panel at the bottom with the corresponding Vega code. It seems the problem is that filtering happens after the date/number parsing. Simply move the filtering transform to the beginning of the list. You might also want to rewrite the whole vis in Vega - gives you much more control. But of course its not as simple as VL.

WRT updates, I continuously update Vega & VL library versions in Kibana, so the next version should be available as part of the next release. It might also be pushed into the minor release - if the rest of the team is OK with that.

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