Upgrading version problem

(anusha) #1

Am upgrading elasticsearch 1.4.2 to 1.5.2
For that I have done

  1. copied the config file of 1.4.2 and pasted that in 1.5.2...
    when I have seen the indices using...(in 1.5.2)
    PUT _cat/indices?v--- This is showing indices which are there in other host with same cluster name..But not showing the data in my local host..

when am looking for the indexes in 1.5.2, I am unable to see the indexes which I have created in 1.4.2 .
So how to upgrade to higher version by keeping the indexes and data as it is which were there in old version

(Mark Walkom) #2

How did you do the initial install, and how did you do the upgrade?

(anusha) #3

I downloaded elasticsearch 1.5.2 and copied the config file of 1.4.2 to 1.5.2 then I executed the elasticsearch batch file which is there in bin folder. Then I verified the indices in sense..

(Mark Walkom) #4

But did you use the deb/rpm or the zip file?

(anusha) #5

I downloaded the zip file and did this process

(anusha) #6

Hi Its working fine I have not included data folder in new version and started that created this problem. Again I unzip the file and included both config and data folders in new version and started now its showing my old indices.

Thank you.

(Mark Walkom) #7

ES stores data (ie the indices) under $ES_HOME/data for a zip file.

$ES_HOME will be where ever you unzipped the directory, which means it changes if you extract a new version. You should set path.data to something custom and outside your unzipped directory structure if you want to persist this data.

(anusha) #8

This is really useful, I will do that thanks for your immediate response..

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