Uploading hdfs snapshot into s3

(parise) #1

Hello All,

Is there any feature to create hdfs snapshot in HDP and store it into s3 by using Elastic search. I am using HDP2.2 Cluster.

(Mark Walkom) #2

You want to snapshot ES in hadoop and then send it to S3?

(parise) #3

yes mark .

(Mark Walkom) #4

I dunno, maybe Costin can answer this as it sounds more like an es-hadoop question than anything!

(Costin Leau) #5

The HDFS repository plugin allows one to snapshot to HDFS. While the S3 one allows one to use Amazon S3.
You could either use both of them to take two snapshots (one to HDFS, one to S3) or simply snapshot to HDFS and then use other tools to sync S3 with that one.

The list of plugins can be found here.

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