Upscaling Elastic Cloud Instance using Azure CLI


I am trying to automate a process of Elastic installation on Azure. One of the steps is to upscale Elasticsearch from 2 zone 240GB storage 8GB RAM to 3 zone 870 GB Storage 29GB RAM after the deployment is created with Azure CLI.

The question is, can it be done with Azure CLI? I know there is this command:

az elastic monitor update

But I am not sure what tags I should use with that command to upscale the environment.

I was also thinking of sending an API request, but I am not sure how the JSON should be structured.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @Jacob_Concrete, Azure CLI doesn't support the scaling up of Elastic deployments. I can see why the update is confusing.

For what you are looking to accomplish, for automating scaling (updates to your deployment created through Azure) you will need to interact RESTful API or use Elastic Cloud Terraform Provider

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