Upsert data in ElasticSearch using python dataframes

Hi all !

I am using python to read a csv, transform it and then load it in ElasticSearch (using Espandas).
Given the mapping, I wish to add some more data from other csvs, as fields.

For example, suppose I have a csv with columns "id" and "value" and an index consisting of col_id ( = doc_id), colA, colB and colC.
I wish to upsert the "value" data from the csv in colC, while matching the index of ElasticSearch (col_id = doc_id) and the index column in the csv col_id.

So far I have only found solutions mentioning the doc_id which should be updated, but I am interested in loading a whole dataframe and upserting all of its data at once and not one-by-one.

Any ideas ?? Thanks in advance !

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